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Event Photography Services

I craft a visual narrative that tells the complete story, offering a genuine sense of what it felt like to attend your event, party, or live performance.

Let my lens bring your moments to life with authenticity and style.

Show out • Stand out • Tell your story

Service Details

What to expect working with me:

  • A partner for collaboration
  • Prompt communication
  • Consistent high-resolution images that cover every aspect of your event, party, or live show.


Day of Shoot

Editing and Processing


Day of Shoot

Editing and Processing

MY Process

Planning for your photoshoot

We collaborate to create a custom experience that fits your needs. During our initial call, we will discuss: 

  • Basic information like start time, end time, location, and schedule
  • How you will be using images from your event
  • What percentage of photos should be candid vs. staged
  • The vibe of your event
  • Important people and moments to capture
  • Deliverables and timeline 
  • Use and licensing


Day of Shoot

Editing and Processing

let's have some fun

Time to shine

Every shoot has specific needs or challenges. But here’s how most shoots work.

I meet you on location 30 minutes before we start shooting for setup and scouting. In this brief meeting, you can update me on any last-minute changes or shot list updates.

I cover the event, capturing various images highlighting the vibe and experience of attending your event, party, or performance.


Day of Shoot

Editing and Processing

How it works

Final touches and delivery

I’ll review and share the images within 2 business days of our shoot. You will select the agreed-upon number of images, and I will edit those selections and send them back to you for a final review. 

I deliver full-size JPG files within 5 business days of your shoot. I can compress the images for an additional fee.

I require 50% payment by the day of the shoot. You’ll pay the remainder upon delivery of the final images.


Andres Kask

I hired Mike to photograph my 50th birthday party. I could not be happier with the results. Mike's professionalism, attention to detail, and quickness on the shutter button to capture a photogenic moment can all be seen in his work. Mike was a pleasure to work with from the initial contact to receiving the final photographs. I would not hesitate to hire Mike again for any future projects.

1 / 1


What's your preferred method of communication?

I’m flexible and open to communicating based on your preferences. Email, phone, text, or conference calls are all options.

What do you focus on as an event photographer?

I'm an observer of human behavior. At your event, I aim to capture emotions, interactions, and pivotal moments that tell the story of being there in person. I look for small details, quiet moments, and the important people who make your event special.

How much does your event photography services cost?

I bill on location shoots by the hour. My hourly rate is $300 per hour I’m on location. There are no additional charges for pre-planning communication, editing, and processing.

For shoots lasting longer than 3.5 hours, I bill a day rate of $1,000. Days are limited to 6 hours on location unless otherwise discussed. I can make exceptions to my rates for smaller events and parties.

Do you offer video services?

I collaborate with several video producers in Seattle. If you have a video project don't hesitate to reach out!

What kinds of clients do you work with?

Small and medium-sized businesses, music festivals, large conferences, private parties, politicians, comedians, and corporate events.

How many photos do you produce?

I meet your needs. Before your event, we will create a shot list that includes important people, moments, details, and, when applicable, the branded content you need. I aim to exceed the number of photos we agreed upon and provide as many unique quality shots as possible.

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